Heartwarming footage shows dozens of people joining forces to rescue elephant trapped in 20-foot well

It took dozens of people and a crane to rescue a young elephant, after it fell into a 20-foot empty well.

While it’s unclear how such a massive animal ended up on the bottom of a well, according to the locals, the elephant came out from the Bishnupur jungle, in India, and it fell, most likely accidentally, in the 20-foot deep well. It happened close to the Panagar army camp in Jalpaiguri, Western Bengal, India, the Good News Network reports.

It required a large rescue operation to save the large animal from that tiny space. The asian elephants could weigh between 3 to 5.5 tonnes. So imagine such a large animal stuck into a tiny deep hole.

The military officers heard noises came from the deep inside, so they they check it out. It’s when they spotted the elephant. After they throw him some food, they called the the Burdwan Forest Department to ask for help.

Even if dozens of locals gathered to help at the rescue, it wasn’t enough to get the animal out of there. So, there was only one option left, to use a crane. A really risky one, because the elephant could have panicked in any moment and got injured. However, the rescue team had no choice.

In the end, after hours of agony, the young male was saved. After it was kept under supervision for a couple of days, he was eventually released back into the wild.

Watch the heartwarming footage, bellow!

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