Heartwarming footage shows massive German shepherd carrying tiny kitten up the stairs

According to some people, dogs and cats are not getting along very well. However judging by the adorable footage bellow, they’re sometimes making inseparable duos. After all, the man’s best friend has proved so many times he could easily be called everyone’s best friend. And Tennyson the German Shepard could not had been different.

The dog’s owner decided to add some extra color to her life, so she adopted a tiny kitten. A really cute one. As a good boy as he always was, Tennyson proved to be more than glad to share the home with such a lovely creature. In fact he treated the little one just as he would have been his little brother.

More than that, at some point the selfless dog showed his affection for the family’s newest member in a way that even for their human mom was hard to believe. When the tiny kitten tried to get upstairs, he soon realized it’s an impossible mission. But things are getting a little bit easier when you have an older brother, right?

Seeing the kitten is struggling to hop the stairs, Tennyson decided to help him in the most adorable way possible. He carried him. Thankfully the adorable scene was captured on camera. “Tennyson the German Shepherd watched as of his newly adopted kitten struggled to hop upstairs,” the video description reads. “He immediately leapt into action and carried him up to the top, then proceeded to cuddle with him.”

Over 18 million people felt in love with this unlikely, yet inseparable duo. Have a look:

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