Heartwarming moment a service dog comforts bride with anxiety on her wedding day

We call them the man’s best friend, but for some of us, they’re more than that. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with an extraordinary selfless nature. That’s why these indispensable beings are helping people with medical and developmental issues. Service dogs are definitely indispensable companions for all those people who need them. And not just for the emotional support they provide, but for being always there. Such a deep and powerful connection is between Valerie from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and her service pup, Bella.

Image credits: Maddie Peschong Photography

For every woman on the planet, her wedding day should be the perfect day. The happiest day of her life. However, for a person who has to cope with anxiety as Valerie does, that day could easily turn into a totally mess. But fortunately, her three-year-old service dog, Bella was there! And she was not only helping Valerie with her comfort, but also stole the show.

Image credits: Maddie Peschong Photography

The absolutely heart melting moment, the gentle dog comforts her human companion on her wedding day, was captured on camera and stole everyone’s heart.

Image credits: Maddie Peschong Photography

“Bella actually picked me,” Valerie told CNN. “Ever since I was paired with Bella and entered the world of service dogs…we’ve been inseparable. Usually, her warning is all I need to get to a safe place or to take action to prevent a panic attack.”

Thanks to Bella’s loyalty and fine training, Valerie and her husband Andrew had the wedding they’ve ever dreamed of. Needless to say Bella was “an adorable part of the wedding,” too! Find out more about Valerie and Bella, here:

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