Her secret for making Fudge only contains 2 ingredients – and tastes heavenly

If you’re looking for something sweet, tasty and very quick to cook, than you definitely should try this recipe. We all know that simple is best. And, what is more easier than a two ingredients dessert?

So, first thing you’ll need is condensed milk. Pay attention there, it’s shouldn’t be confused with evaporated milk instead. One can of 14oz should be enough.

As for the second ingredient. It’s what we all love so much, chocolate. Preferably, milk chocolate chips(3 cups).

The recipes works microwaved. But you could also boil it, too. If you choose microwave, one minute is enough. If it’s more simple for you to boil it, this should take two to three minutes. Anyway, for boiling the best method is the milk and chocolate pot into another boiling water pot. As you can see in the image bellow.

You can also add some optional ingredients. If you have enough time, than you can pick one of this extra add-ins.


  • Expresso Powder
  • Crushed Walnuts
  • Sea Salt (topping)
  • Peppermint Extract
  • Vanilla Extract

When it is finally ready, than you need to put some aluminum foil on it. In order to avoid sticking you should pulverize some vegetable oil spray on the aluminum.

This recipe is so simple to make that you’ll gonna prepare it every single day. In two minutes the fudges is ready to eat. Watch the video  bellow to see how easy it is to make!



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