Incredible footage shows heroic dog saving friend trapped on boat

Dogs are incredible kind and loyal creatures. Yet, the man’s best friends never cease to amaze us with their speechless acts. And this new heart-warming video shows nothing less.

The footage, reportedly filmed in in Qingyuan city of Guangdong province, China shows a heroic dog while saving his friend who got trapped on a boat, not far off the shore, the MSN News reports.

A rottweiler can be seen standing anxiously on the banks of a river, while other dog, most likely a few months old pup, is struggling to escape from the small boat he got trapped in.

As the boat seems to drifts downstream, the quick thinking rottweiler decides to step in. He leaps into the river and bites a rope attached to the boat, then swims to the river’s bank. Ultimately, the little pup jumps out on the land, MSN reports.

Watch the heart-melting video bellow:

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