Camera captures leopard mom’s heartwarming reunion with lost cubs

Unfortunately, under the treat of logging, more and more species (many of them critically endangered) in India are in a permanent fight for their own lives. Thankfully organizations like Wildlife SOS hardly work to help at the conservation of these species and even more, they also try to stop this human-wildlife conflict.

Over the last decade, the group has reunited dozens of lost babies with their moms. Recently, these devoted people, also helped three leopard cubs to reunite with their desperate mother!


According to Wildlife SOS, three little cubs have been found by a group of farmers. They were crying for help in a sugarcane field nearby a small village in the Junnar of Pune district, Maharashtra. Since there was sing of their mom, the cubs have been taken to the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre for a medical examination. Thankfully, they were all in a good health condition, meaning they haven’t been alone for too much time.


Since everything proved to be good during the medical examination, they were about to reunite their mother. So the rescue team put them in a basket to take them on the field they have been initially found. Soon they got there, the leopard babies stayed in the safe box while the time was watching over from distance.


A few hours after, the mother leopard showed up and carefully approached the box. She already knew her babies were there as she smelled their scent. The beautiful moment they reunite was caught on by a security camera. Take a look:

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