Rare footage shows owl ‘swimming’ for its life in the canyon

When ridding through the nature it’s always fascinating. You can admire its beauties in all of their glory. Still, sometimes you might spot some very unusual, yet captivating events. It’s what happened in this particularly situation, when a group of hikers witnessed a once in a lifetime event.

Derrick Zuk and some of his friends were hiking through a canyon in Lake Powel, somewhere between Arizona and Utah, when they came across a jaw-dropping sight. Thankfully, they caught the breathtaking moment on camera, and now it has gone viral all over the internet.

The dramatic footage shows an owl ‘swimming’. National Geographic reports that it is probably a great horned owl which appears to have some of its nestling feathers. Most likely, the majestic bird had an accident and felt out of its nest right into the water.

“I suspect it actually fell out of the nest. Great horned [owls] do nest on ledges on cliffs,” Geoff LeBaron from the National Audubon Society told National Geographic. “This bird is young enough that the parents were probably still caring for it, so hopefully once the folks go by, the bird dried off and its parents found it.”

Owls are  incapable to take flights from water, but they can swim to land before taking off again. Derrick went back to the same spot some hours later along with his group, but the owl was nowhere to be seen. He has probably took its flight already. It’s quite incredible what surprises Mother Nature can offer us sometimes!

h/t: boredpanda

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