Hipster dog nicknamed Chewbacca becomes internet sensation because of his fully-grown beard

I guess we can all agree that all dogs are special and unique in their own way. However, this pup takes uniqueness to a whole new level and it’s easy to understand why. Meet Nuts – an adorable Belgian Griffon that has recently stolen hearts of millions thanks to his absolutely incredible fully-grown beard. And what better nickname for such a hipster-looking puppy than Chewbacca.

The 3-year-old’s mom, Tatiana Kovalenok from Moscow, Russia, said his beloved furry friend’s beard “became noticeable at eight months.” She also said Nuts started to became famous quite recently, thanks to his Instagram photos. Now, the woman admits that passersby are frequently scratch heads at her ‘hipster’ puppy.


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“Almost every day when we walk, we get reactions from random people regarding his appearance and his beard,” the woman told The Dodo. “Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa’. Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like: ‘Look at the beard he has.’ Some people call him hipster or even Chewbacca.”

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As about his unique feature, Tatiana said it doesn’t requires a special care as it comes out naturally. “I never actually paid attention to his beard. I would even ask my groomer to make his beard it a little shorter because he looked too old to me,” Tatiana said.

“We don’t do any special treatment for the beard, we just wash it when Nuts takes a shower. It grows by itself and the hair is so smooth we don’t even have to comb it and it never tangled. Many people say that Nuts is very trendy as it is very popular nowadays for men to wear thick beards.”

Regarding his so-serious looking, Nuts’ mom said it doesn’t define at all his gentle personality. She says “he is kind and he doesn’t even bite. Nuts is an overly attached dog.”

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