His owner dropped him on the sidewalk and told him to “stay” – a week later the dog was still waiting

Dogs are known to be the most loyal creatures that humans depend on. Not only are they always happy to see us, they’re also extremely obedient—especially when they’re trained correctly.

But some humans use canine loyalty against them… and sometimes in the cruelest of ways. One loyal dog experienced an unfortunate incident of human disloyalty when his owner dropped him off on a sidewalk in Moscow, and told him to “stay.”

Little did this loyal dog know, his owner would never return… A man dropped off his dog on a sidewalk in Moscow. He told the dog to stay, and, being loyal to a fault, he did.

A week later, the dog was still waiting for his owner to come back. That’s when a woman named Elena Kniazeva discovered him and decided to do something about it. Elena brought the loyal dog, named Luke, to a nearby shelter.

Though he was apprehensive at first, his bright personality shone through once he met the other dogs. It looked like he was making plenty of friends!

One of Luke’s new friends, Dennis, was found with his mother and litter mates at a construction site. Dennis had a leg injury, which was thankfully fixed by a veterinarian.

Despite Dennis’s limp and Luke’s heartbreaking history, the two pups found solace in each other. They got along so well, in fact, that they both set out on a big adventure together to Toronto, Canada to find their forever homes.

Cause 4 Paws Toronto was gracious enough to accept them! They were placed in a foster-to-adopt program, where they would find happiness in their new lives—even though they’d be 4,600 miles away from the country they knew.


But they’d have to get there first. Luckily, loyal dog Luke was only five years old, and Dennis was four, so they had a lot more playing to do in their lives. Cause 4 Paws was determined to raise the money for their travel through a GoFundMe campaign.

Luke still remembered how to “stay,” but hopefully in the future no one will use it against him. His playful and loving nature would surely win the hearts of foster families all over Toronto.

He probably never thought he’d ever leave Russia—now, there was so much more for him to look forward to!

Luke and Dennis certainly had it tough when they were both found, but thanks to their shelter and Cause 4 Paws Toronto, the future is looking brighter for these two every day.

Source: doggiescare.com


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