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Meet the closest living relative to the extinct dodo bird

Even though the dodo bird went extinct almost 400 years ago, a new discovery reveals that its relatives are still living on Earth. A stunning presence due to its vibrant iridescent plumage, the Nicobar...

Adorable baby elephant charms safari tourists with its dance moves

While on a safari tour in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, a group of tourists had all of sudden the sweetest unexpected surprise. With the road its stage, a baby elephant began to...

Dog missing for 3 years cries with joy when his dad finally finds him

This is the touching moment a desperate man is reunited with his missing dog after three years. All this time, the dog was living on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia while owner Giorgi Berejiani...

Dog loves getting mail, so the postman brings her a letter everyday

While everyone thinks postmen and dogs are not getting along very well, this lovely story proves exactly the opposite. A postman in Australia and a Golden Retriever on his route are best buddies and...

Dog gets 400 tennis balls as a birthday gift and instantly freaks out

There is a very strong reason why dogs are called men's best friend. They're not only loyal, intelligent or extremely selfless creatures, but indispensable for so many people (mostly service dogs). Needless to say,...

Calf saved from slaughterhouse and family dog become inseparable friends during pandemic

Just as many of us, this family from Santa Clarita, California had to face some tough challenges once the pandemic started. However, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner thought that bringing something spicy to their...