Horse passes out while carrying wagon full of tourists

A devastating footage showing a horse passing out because of the heat, recently made waves on social media. The scene was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina a few days ago,LAD Bible reported.

With the temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees Celsius, all over the country, but Europe as well, it is actually impossible for an animal to be forced to carry a wagon full of tourists.

“Children on the carriage. The horse is down. He should not be working. Unbelievable,” was a witness’s  reaction. Then, many people tried to help the poor animal and comfort it.

According to the local media, the carriage company, Charleston Carriage Works is law suiting  Charleston Animal Society and Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates, because of the incident.

Unfortunately, situations like these are becoming more and more regular. Earlier this year, another horse collapsed while carrying tourists on the streets of Manila in the Philippines in 35 degrees Celsius temperatures, The Metro reported.

The video bellow also show a horse collapsing because of exhaustion caused by extreme temperatures. This time in New York City!

Maybe we should put ourself in the poor animals situation, before we use those barbaric transportation systems!

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