Houses bizarrely positioned (1)

There are incredibly designed houses on earth whose positions are so dangerous that you cannot help but wonder what it is like to have to live there permanently.

“Just Enough Room” island: The only small house sits on this small island which is one of 1,864 islands straddling the American – Canadian border in the Saint Lawrence River.

1 Just Enough Room

Castellfollit de la Roca, Catalonia: This town perched on a silver of basalt rock in Catalonia measuring less than a square kilometer is inhabited by about 1,000 people. Located between the Fluvia and Toronell Rivers, the town dates back from the middle ages.

2 Castellfolit de la Roca

The HemLoft, Canada: This orb-like residence is hanging out on the branches of a tree in a forest of evergreens.

3 The HemLoft

Cliff House, Calpe, Spain: This limestone-stucco-covered angled looking over the Mediterranean crib is supported by reinforced concrete slabs so that it may sit safely in the middle of rocks.

4 Cliff House

The Hanging Houses, Spain: Built more than 5,000 years ago, this house with balconies looking out to the Huécar River reaches out from the cliffs and into the air.

5 The Hanging Houses
Fallen Star, San Diego: This small ‘home’ hanging off Jacobson Hall, on the 17th floor of this building at the Jacobs School of Engineering and designed by a Koreean architect has a roof garden which offers panoramic views.

7 Fallen Star

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