Houses bizarrely positioned (2)

  1. Sky High Treehouse, France: This treehouse is tucked in the vicinity of Lake Geneva and requires a difficult steep climb up the winding stairs around the 130 ft pine but the effort is rewarding by the view the home offers.



  1. Mirrorcube Hotel, Sweden: This hotel is very private and secluded as its outside mirrored walls make it difficult to spot. Besides, there is a 12-meter-long suspension bridge that can be accessed only if you are expected by the personnel or one of the guests of the hotel.


  1. Holman House, Australia: Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “The Bather,” this 3,500-square-foot house was completed in 2004 and won the Wilkinson Award in 2005. The mastery of space is at its best, the spaces being divided so that each view becomes individual from its vantage point.


  1. The UFO Treehouse Hotel, Sweden: The owners of this hotel are the same who own the Mirrorcube. It belongs to a themed hotel park in the woods of Harads made up of treehouses that were awarded the 2011 Swedish Grand Tourism Prize. Its sleek outer surface and lighting create a sci-fi atmosphere.


  1. Balancing Barn, Suffolk: This hotel which accommodates 8 people and stands on the edge of a nature reserve in the neighbourhood of the historic towns of Walberswick and Aldeburgh. Its striking design is in obvious contrast with the quaint English country cottages. The building dramatically cantilevers over the scenery, offering views from its oversized windows over ponds, forests and meadows.


6. Stahl House, Hollywood Hills: This is one of the most famous homes in America, whose owner and initial designer, CH “Buck” Stahl, made his dream of building a glass house that would offer him the best panoramis view of Los Angeles come true.


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