How to build your own shipping container home

Shipping container homes are becoming very popular. More and more, this items are used to build beautiful and unique homes. Anyway, there are few steps to take into consideration, before staring such a project. It’s truly exciting to built your own charming house. But, there are some instructions that need to be respected. Before you start to put across you project, here are some instructions you need to fallow. These steps will help you to built your own shipping container home with a sturdy foundation. They’ll also bring the quality you’re seeking.

Steps to follow when building a shipping container home:

Step 1

First of all you should design your home. You could do it alone or ask for a home designer’s help.

Step 2

The consultation of an engineer is recommended. Someone with experience should take a look on your plans. An engineer will tell you if the design is able to be implemented.

Step 3

Purchase the containers. It’s actually the fundamental part of your project. Choosing them could be you own decision or you can consult someone with experience.

Step 4

Next, the foundation of your home has to be build. It’s not a bad idea to take a consultant. The foundation has to be safe and strong. So, even if you’re choosing the materials, an engineer should take a look.

Step 5

The original plans should show the design of the home. The placement of the containers is revealed in there.

Step 6

The containers are attaching together in so many ways. A consultant is very useful on this step. You want your house to be beautiful, but you also have to make sure that you and your family are safe inside of it. So you should talk with an engineer about the containers attachment.

Step 7

An inspection is absolutely necessary, when the construction is finished. An inspector checks out if anything goes wrong during the building process.

Step 8

The roof is the last step of the process. Choose what kind of material you want for the roof. The roof plays a big role, because it protects you from the weather. It also needs to be secured and insulated. A good roof makes your home warm during winter and protects your home from snow.

Watch the video bellow to see how a beautiful container home is build!


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