Huge alligator breaks into woman’s home in Florida

Imagine how it feels like to go in your kitchen for your breakfast, only to see there’s a huge 11-foot alligator. It is exactly what happened to this woman in Florida, after a reptile broke into her house.

Terrified after she discovered the creature, Mary Wichhusen locked herself in the bedroom and called the police.

“All I have is the vision of his huge head. His gigantic head looking at me saying, ‘hey’. I knew I couldn’t do anything with him, I just was hoping he would stay there for the police to take care of because I had a bird in the front bedroom and I was afraid he was going to go in there and destroy it. It’s mating season, they’ll try anything,” the woman declared.

The responding police department shared photos of the massive alligator on Twitter. The images show the alligator broke into the woman’s unit via a kitchen window.

While the woman was lucky enough to escape unharmed, we can’t say the same about her wine collection, as the alligator smashed up some bottles. “He got my red wine—the good stuff”, Wicshhusen told Fox 13 Tampa.

After two hours, the authorities have captured the large reptile!


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