Hungry kitten walks into man’s apartment asking for food – decides to stay and change his life

People think they pick their furry companions, but it’s definitely the other way around. It’s also the case of Adam Laigo, from Northern California. He always knew sharing his life with a four-legged companion requires plenty of responsibility and a life-time commitment. So he did not had any plans of adopting a dog or a cat any time soon. However, when he and Tuna met, it was love at first sight.

Adam was having some of his friends over for a movie night at his apartment, when a stray kitten barged in. “I was making food when one of my roommates said, ‘hey, there’s a cat here,'” the man told Love Meow. “She was cautiously making her way a few feet into the door, sniffing the ground while keeping a watchful eye on us.”

Judging by the way her fur looked like, Adam assumed the cute little one was living on the streets. She didn’t had a collar neither. He then decided to keep the orphaned kitten over night, to feed her and give her a shower. However, little did he knew the tiny kitten would change his life, forever.

“I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out, if I had the chance to help,” he said. “I gave her a shower after seeing how many fleas she had. That night, she slept in my bed…and every night since then.”

The next day, Adam took the kitten to a vet for some investigation. Tuna was in a good health and since the vet didn’t find any microchip, Adam realized he either keep her or take her to a local shelter. He decided to adopt the little one.

“Tuna has chosen her forever home,” Adam told Love Meow. “She’s teaching me how much energy one little gal can fit in to the few hours she’s awake each day.

Adam says sharing his home with Tuna has definitely changed his life. The two are now inseparable and both Adam and his cat love to play and cuddle each other. Adam said he can’t even imagine his life without Tuna.

“She’s a sweetheart and loves sleeping under the blanket,” Adam said. “She’s inquisitive, calm and affectionate most of the time but an energetic playful kitten at any other time. The stray kitten is gone and the new and improved happy-go-lucky kitten with a family is here.”

h/t: lovemeow

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