Watch caring husky teaching his blind brother to jump down a bench

A recent footage of a caring Husky helping his blind brother to jump down a bench is melting hearts all over the Internet. The video, initially uploaded on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) gained over 2 millions views in less than 24 hours

Mr. Chen via MailOnline

The blind dog name Da Bao gets scared after finding himself stuck up on a bench in a park, in the city of Xiangyang, Hubei Province, China. But it didn’t take too long until his younger brother, Ju Bao jumps in to help him. After Ju Bao patiently teach his sibling how to jump, the helpless doggie eventually finds the courage to follow his loyal brother.

Mr. Chen via MailOnline

The two dogs are around 5-year-old and they both came from the same litter. They are inseparable since they were puppies with the younger brother always taking care of the elder one. Da Bao was born blind, but that didn’t stopped him to have a normal life. However, that is due to Ju Bao’s devotion and loyalty. The younger pup had always been his brother’s eye!

Mr. Chen via MailOnline

“Da Bao loves interacting with people, but due to his defect, he is more scared of strangers,” owner Chen told MailOnline. “On the other hand, Ju Bao has a strong sense of justice and has been protecting Da Bao since they were puppies.”

Watch the heartwarming video bellow!

(h/t: Douyin | MailOnline)

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