Owner pretends to throw ball, captures the exact moment his husky realizes he was tricked

Dogs are the most adorable creatures on Earth, there’s no doubt of it. They offer nothing but unconditional love and they make our days better. However, it’s not always peaches and cream between humans and dogs. And while most of the time dogs are the one that mess the things up, driving their humans mad, this time happened the opposite

It frequently happens for dogs to be fooled by their owners, by pretending to throw a ball or a stick away. And mostly our furry companions are getting confused by that and the result are nothing but hilarious. Well, it s not Anuko’s case.

When owner Jasmine Milton tries to fool him, the adorable Siberian husky shows he’s a dog with attitude and his facial expressions when realizing he has been betrayed is absolutely priceless. Thankfully, Jasmine whose an 18-year-old psychology student from Aylesbury managed to capture the scene on camera.

“I got Anuko shortly after I was treated with having depression, and ever since Anuko has lifted any downs I’ve ever had,” the young lady said. “He’s forced me to go out when all I want to do is lay in bed. He’s made me laugh when nobody else was able to, and now he’s making the rest of the world laugh. He’s my hero and definitely more than just a pretty face!”

In a tweet, Jasmine shared her beloved pup’s reaction when realized he got fooled. “So I pretended to throw a ball and caught the exact moment my dog realised I had betrayed him…”she wrote. And the hilarious snaps are speaking for themselves!

h/t: boredpanda

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