Husky Turns Into Diva Opera Singer When She Gets Groomed

Allow me to introduce you to Link, a lovely Husky who is about to undergo a grooming session. As soon as Link steps foot into Vanessa’s salon, known as Girl With The Dogs, she immediately senses what’s coming and isn’t pleased about it. Water? Absolutely not! Clipping? No, thank you! Brushing? Are you kidding me? At each stage, she makes it abundantly clear to Vanessa that she’s utterly “suffering.”

Vanessa has learned from experience and wisely chooses to wear ear protection when grooming Huskies, as they tend to express themselves dramatically. In fact, the act of grooming seems to awaken their innate operatic talents, as if being cleaned is a genuine tragedy! Nevertheless, Link manages to endure the entire process. Although she might say she barely made it through, there’s no denying that she looks quite stunning afterwards. However, her “generous tip” might not be as impressive as one would hope.

Meanwhile, Luna, another Husky playfully nicknamed “lunatic” by Vanessa, shares the same vocal nature when undergoing grooming.

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