I normally don’t care for TV commercials, but this is easily the best one I’ve ever seen


Many of us see commercials as a very annoying disruption from your favorite TV shows. However, it’s hard to ignore that ads these days are getting better and better. And if you’re a wildlife fan, then you really need to see this inspiring Shangri-La hotel chain commercial.

Named “It’s in our nature,” sends a powerful message about what taking care of strangers and kindness is all about. And the story behind it it’s incredible as well. The short film starts with a man facing the extreme winter conditions while walking through the fearful wilderness. It’s getting dark soon and the man struggles to find a resting place. More than that, all the odds seem to be against him since all his attempts to light some matches in order to get some warmth are failing and wolves can be heard howling not far away.

Tired, the man seems he gave up and he fells asleep in the snow. But just when you may think it’s all over and the hope is lost, something surprising happens, changing the narrative of the story altogether. A pack of wolves approach the exhausted man, one by one. But what happens next carries such a deep and powerful message, meant to create an emotional response from the viewers.

Instead of attacking the helpless man, the wolves are all snuggling around him to keep him warmth. When he opens his eyes, he realizes he’s surrounded by those wild creature he was so afraid of. But because of them, the man is now alive!
h/t: luxurylifenews