Identical triplets get totally different makeovers each, mom overwhelmed to tears with their new looks

Kylie, Megan, and Lisa, known as the “Traveling Triplets,” were mistaken for one other all their lives, so after many years of looking identically, the girls decided to change this situation. “The Doctors,” is a TV show that gave the triplets the possibility of transforming themselves. So with the help of Ken Paves, a very talented stylist, things won’t be the same again.

Before the start of the transformation process, the stylist asked the girls how they hoped to look like at the end of the action. But they looked so confident in Ken’s ability, as they haven’t offered an answer. Still, all three of them have these two conditions, no short or red hair.

After the hair cutting, the coloring and the makeover process was over, the triplets paraded onto the set, wearing fancy dresses. Their mother, who was part of the audience during the transformation process, was in tears as soon as her beloved girls stepped out into the limelight. It was the first time, in years, when Lisa, Megan, and Kylie haven’t looked identical.

In the video bellow you can see their stunning transformation!



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