Incredible moment dog saves a drowning cat

There are some different animal species who could offer us some both incredible and special relationships. Well when it comes to that dogs and cats aren’t among them. And the history also confirms that dogs and cats are rather enemies than friends. Dogs are completely attached by their humans friends, offering them their unconditionally love and loyalty. And they didn’t ask to much in return. Just to be fed and watered. And of course to be taken for a walk.. .sometimes. Cats instead are rather sly making their owners to beg for some affection from them.

Still, you see a video from time to time what makes you wondering. Than you just watch it and say into your mind…”Well, animals never cease to amaze me!” It’s the case of the story we’ll present you bellow!

Recently a video showing a dog while trying to help a cat made some big waves on the internet. The footage was caught on camera by a woman from Turkey. The poor cat appears to be stuck an a pond or something. An helpful dog what was crossing nearby didn’t hesitate to rescue the cat.

The cat is struggling to find a way out so the dog decides to take some action. However, he seems to know that the only way to save the poor feline is to jump in.

The dog leaps in, swiftly manoeuvres itself under the cat, and basically lifts her to safety with the top of its head.

And, to keep the tension up, it also seems for a brief moment like the dog them subsequently gets stuck in the same bit of water! Thankfully, the dog looks pretty confident. And finally he managed  to handle itself and hoists itself up and out.

You can watch it here:

As expected the viewers opinions were different.  The ones who couldn’t believe their eyes what they just have seen and some who asked themselves couldn’t the person filming the encounter maybe step in to help?

“When I see these things I always ask what the camera man would do to help!! He at first could pull out the cat!! Dont you think???” one person wrote.

“That’s because the animals need to figure it out for themselves. Those animals worked together to solve a problem and now they’re stronger for it. Humans saving animals doesn’t always help them, sometimes they need to figure things out for themselves,” wrote another one!

Anyway, it was a really heartwarming scene. And there’s something we could all learn from this short video. Never hesitate to help someone who needs it!

h/t: UniLad

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