Heartwarming moment an injured swam is reunited with her life long mate

Even they’re known for their grace and their majestically appearance, I could never imagined swans to be such emotional creatures. But the moment, an injured swan reunites her life long partner in a month, would definitely melt your heart

Over a month ago, a passerby in Berkshire, United Kingdom had noticed what it looked like an injured swan, so he hurried to call the rescue organization, Swan Support. The bird was unconsciously laying on her eggs. Unfortunately, her partner who was standing not far from her, was unable to give her any help.

When the rescue team arrived, they soon realized the swan has suffered a bad injury due to a steel ball. They immediately took the poor bird to the clinic, where the doctor managed to remove the object and save her life.

“Both swans were from a lake in Thatcham in Berkshire,” Wendy Hermon, operations director of Swan Support told The Dodo. “The female was sat on her nest when she was hit.” Thanks to the medical team’s efforts, the injured bird made fully recover sooner than expected. “She recovered very well,” Wendy said.

So, a few days ago, the rescue team decided she’s completely healed and ready to be reunited with her life long partner. However, what they didn’t know was their reunion to be so overwhelming. The injured swan could not believed she’s seeing her soulmate once again. Watch their touching reunion here:

“It was very emotional,” Wendy said. “Releasing the swans back into the wild is the best part of what we do.It is so rewarding, especially when you experience the reunion.”

h/t: the dodo

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