Jack Russell terrier fails dog show, becomes internet sensation instead

Everyone calls them the men’s best friend, but for many of us, they’re more than that. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with an extraordinary selfless nature. That’s why these indispensable beings are helping people with medical and developmental issues, all over the planet.


On the other hand, dogs also compete in all sort of events which are meant to highlight a canine’s agility and intelligence. And maybe the largest dog show in the world is Crufts – an event held annually in the United Kingdom. A high-demanding event where the furry competitors have to go through obstacles and score points, depending on their accuracy. Therefore, not all breeds are meeting those expectations. And that because it not only requires a high intelligence, but also numerous hours of hard training.


However, when Olly – a rescue Jack Russel Terrier was getting ready for the start, no one would ever guessed he’d absolutely stole the spot light. And trust me, not because of his highly precise movements, but because of his epic fail.

Maybe because of his excitement, Olly started the in such an energetic way and there was no coming back. Even if his handler Karen have done her best to keep the spirited doggie on the course, her efforts have been all in vain as Olly looked like he’s trying to fail the obstacles rather than go through them.


Even though he failed the show in an epic manner, Olly won everyone’s hearts instead. Even the commentator of the show was conquered by Olly’s hilarious routine. “He is an absolute handful and he couldn’t care less,” the commentator said. “[Olly] is totally crazy and as you can see he’s having a ball. He loves life and exercise.”

Watch Olly’s moment, bellow!

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