Jennifer Aniston is moving to New York

Jennifer Aniston sold her Beverly Hills estate in June.The luxury home was listed for $42 million,but sold with $37 million.She gave an interview for “People” magazine and she said that she wants to simplify her life:”I had the realization that this is just too much for me,I’m not this person.”The house that she sold it was really big,with too much rooms,too much space for one person.She is now on her way to New York City the more that she is in a relationship with Justin Theroux and she declare that she’s happy with him.The Daily News said that Jennifer Aniston already laid eyes on a penthouse listed for $5,9 million.

But we are here to talk about her ex-luxury-home in Beverly Hills,the one left behind:)The actress bought this house after her split from Brad Pitt.The house is very elegant,but I really can’t imagine her living in it.It’s too masculine and too sober.I guess that was a good choice to move.I like the main bedroom,that idea of bed is great,very romantic.The house boasts 5 bedrooms,7 and 1 half bathroom,a family room,gym,a multimillion dolar equipment room,garage.

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