Judges slam Buzzer hearing chilling melody suddenly start weeping seeing little girl on stage

The Voice Kids is a show where new stars are discovered. A lot of talented kids are trying to impress the judges. And some performances are so touching they make judges cry. A scene like this happened at Voice Kids Germany.

Solomia Lukyanets, a 13-year-old little girl decided to try her luck on the show’s stage. Native of Ukraine, Solomia was ready to impress the audience with her adorable voice. The sweet little girl choose to sing the Andrea Bocelli classic hit “Time to Say Goodbye.” Despite she has already won several awards, she never thought she’ll have such a beautiful performance.

Full of confidence, Solomia stepped on the blind auditions of The Voice, ready to perform such a difficult song. However she made the things to look so easy. When she begun to sing, the judges looked already impressed by her choice. As she finished the first verse, two of the judges have already hit their buzzers. They had to see who posses the angelic voice behind them. Moved by Solomia’s charming voice, one of the judges started to cry.

Further, Solomia proves what a mature and beautiful voice she posses, as her performance goes on. The whole audience looks stunned by the moment. And the expressions on their faces say it all about the moving scene. The third judge hits his buzzer to. The voice he’s listening is to beautiful to ignore. It seems like  the great Andrea Bocelli is on the stage.

Watch the video bellow and convince yourself about this adorable and impressive performance!


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