Kenauk is a $79 million property near Montebello, Quebec – Canada

Kenauk-468x311Kenauk is a $79 million property near Montebello, QuebecCanada. It has 65,000-acre and has gone on the market asking $79 million. It is the largest privately held property in Canada!

It has 13 log cabin homes ranging in size from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, 70 private lakes and a private marina that serves the property’s largest lake, Lac Papineau.

That lake has 28 miles of waterfront and five islands. A roughly 9-mile river runs through the property, which is a protected wilderness reserve.

No outside guests can enter the property for hunting or fishing; the owner retains the right to conduct both activities.

The Kenauk property is zoned for both commercial and residential purposes. It is owned by Omers, a Canadian pension fund.

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