Kids Line Up For Xmas Recital Leaving Audience Rolling In Their Seats Moment They Start To Shake

There are certain songs that whether you are on stage or in the audience force you to sing and dance wherever you are. This is one of those.

It’s difficult to know who exactly a performance by kindergartners and pre-schoolers is really for. Is it for the parents? Is it for the teachers and staff? Is it for the kids themselves? Whatever the answer is, our look back at holiday moments continues with one of these performances.

This video is a kind of perfect storm of holiday cheer. It has all the things you need for a good, timeless holiday performance. Decorated stage? Check! Iconic Christmas music? Check! Now, all they need are cute little performers who will steal the show. Check, check, and check!

It’s unclear exactly when these pre-schoolers at the Saint Elizabeth Child care facility in Jersey City, New Jersey took the stage to perform their Christmas song. But, the moment is now immortalized thanks to the power of the internet.

Ironically, some parents likely had to be coaxed and prodded to go see this performance, but since then hundreds of thousands of people have seen it since.

The pre-schoolers look a little nervous when the first take the stage, staring out at the faces of the adults and strangers in the crowd. Some of the kids are excited, craning their necks to find their families and waving when they do.

Their routine is supposed to be just a choreographed dance performance where the kids mostly stay in place and use their arms and hands to emote.

However, despite their young age, some of these kids can be seen singing along enthusiastically to the classic Christmas tune that accompanied their routine. In fact, this song is very apropos for a child’s performance, given that the woman singing it was only 13 years old at the time!

By the age of ten years old, Brenda Lee was the breadwinner of her family because she was a musical prodigy. In 1958, songwriter Johnny Marks wrote a song for Lee to sing. He’d had hits with his most recent Christmas songs at the time, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.” His newest song was perfect for the teen singer, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

The song was a quick hit and its position as a Christmas classic is perhaps best cemented by the 1990 film Home Alone in which the main character uses it as the soundtrack to his fake Christmas party meant to scare away burglars.

Still, the kids brought home the performance with a big finish, raising their arms high in the air. We may never know who these performance are for, the audience or the little kids themselves.

Yet, one thing we can tell for certain is that during this one, everyone had fun. The kids are dancing and singing, the parents are dancing and singing, and we bet that you will be singing along with Lee’s vocals at home.

You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear their voices singing and see them dancing.

Watch the performance below:

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