Brave cyclists rescue huge deer stuck in flooded ruins

Sometimes a small act of kindness means the whole world for a helpless creature. It’s the case of this deer whose fate seemed to be sealed, after he got stuck in some flooded ruins. Fortunately, thanks to the kindness of these cyclists, the wild animal got a second chance.

The group of cyclists were ridding near Huesca, Spain when a heavy rain started. While they have no choice, but keep riding despite the heavy storm, at some point one of them noticed something unusual, not far from them. There was a building in ruins and when they got closer, a panicked deer was desperately trying to free itself from there. In situations like this, a scared animal like that deer was could cause deadly injuries to those who’re trying to rescue it. But, the water level was rising and the brave cyclists knew there’s only one option:to find a way to set the poor animal free. And so they did!

The rescue was more difficult and far more dangerous than it looks like. The slippy edges of the ruins were high enough for the trapped animal to be unable to jump out. However, as the water was keep rising, the men could put their own lives to risk if they jumped in. So they tried to help the deer up from the edges, by grab him by his horns. And in the end, their efforts paid off as the scared animal was finally freed. But, two of the cyclists were inches away from being hurt by the nervous animal.

Watch the dramatic rescue, bellow!

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