Kindhearted locals hang coats on Dublin bridge for homeless people

Sharing is caring! And no one show it better than these kind-hearted people in Dublin. The locals wanted to show kindness and solidarity over Christmas in such a touching way. All after hundreds of coats have been hanged on Ha’penny Bridge, for the homeless people in the city.

“If you need one, please take one. If you want to help, please hang one up,” the signs on the bridge read. The lovely initiative started after a local created Warm for winter, a Facebook page, with the purpose of “helping the people most in need during the hard winter months.”

“Even if it’s only one coat, bring it to anywhere you think someone might need it and hang it up,” Patrick Fryers, the man who started the campaign told the Irish Post. “Imagine everyone else doing the same thing, it’s not a big task.”

Nothing fits better the Christmas spirit, than a kind gesture. Especially for those in need. According to the reports, there are more than 10,000 who live on the streets of Dublin, including more than 3,800 children. The temperatures during the winter months are very low in the capital of Ireland, from 35 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to mention that usually 10 to 12 days is raining, every month, during the winter season.

h/t: irishpost

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