Kitten escapes pet store display to comfort lonely dog


Usually, dogs and cats are not getting along very well. However, when it comes to acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between  different species, the animal kingdom never cease to amaze. It is also the case of this selfless kitten that proves no obstacle could stand in front of a true friendship.

The loving kitten knows exactly how it must feel like to be all alone, scared and confused. So she decides to comfort the lonely puppy from the enclosure next to her and nothing can stand in front of her altruistic intentions, not even a glass barrier. The lovely pair was on display at JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taiwan. Yet, they weren’t able to interact, so the brave cat decides to take some action.

The kitten’s ingenious plan is to escape her own enclosure and to break into the pup’s one. At least, in this way they could be together, comforting and playing each other. The cat’s adorable plan eventually succeeded as the fluffy ball jumped from her glass box, over the plastic wall and gets into the dog’s enclosure. As you can see in the footage bellow, the poor little puppy couldn’t hide his enthusiasm over the cat’s kindness and determination.

Even though the video is as adorable as it can be, it should also raise awareness of how troubling is for the poor little animals to get isolated and kept in those glass enclosures, into the pet stores. Adopt, don’t shop!

(h/t: thedodo)