Cute koala decides to visit neighbors and ask for cuddles and kisses

Most wild animals avoid human beings and it is pretty easy to understand why. However, we’ve witnessed some extremely adorable interaction between wildlife and people over the time. And this “unforgettable encounter” between a ridiculously cute koala and its human neighbors is definitely on top of that list.

Youtube/Lilly Pilly

While most of the wild creatures are usually running away of human presence, this cute koala decided to visit a family’s property not far away of its habitat in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia Thankfully, the special encounter was caught on camera, resulting some extremely heart-warming scenes. The family was enjoying the sunny day at the pool in their backyard, when they spotted a koala climbing down a tree next to them.

Youtube/Lilly Pilly

The unusual guest headed straight to the pool and started to drink some water with its tiny paws. It didn’t looked bothered at all by a woman swimming there. More than that, the cute little thing seemed extremely comfortable when the woman approached it. She even offered it some water from her hands which the koala gladly accepted it.

Youtube/Lilly Pilly

As this wasn’t adorable enough already, the woman get out of the pool to share a very tender moment with the cute animal that visited her property. Watching the two having such an intimate moment, it seems like the only reason this koala decided to visit them was for some cuddles and kisses. And its intentions have been deeply rewarded!

After a few minutes, the unusual visitor is filmed while climbing some stairs and them up on a tree, leaving the yard! However, that wasn’t the last time the adorable koala visited these friendly people. “Our adorable little ‘neighbour’ pops in for a visit every now and again at our place in the Adelaide hills,” the family wrote. “Usually this little fella just sits in the tree in our pool area unfazed by anything around it but this time he was keen to come & make friends.”

h/t: animalchannel

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