L. A.’s ultimate modern residence: The Wolff House listed at $7.995M

Built of wood, stone and glass, the Wolff House is one of the architectural landmarks of Los Angeles and the US. It was designed in 1961 by celebrated California-based architect John Lautner, whose work was a mix of humane design, progressive engineering and dramatic space-age flair.

Wolff House (2)

More than 200 architectural projects were designed by Lautner thoughout his career, but not all have been put into practice. He designed countless commercial buildings but, unfortunately, some have been torn down. Almost all of Lautner’s extant buildings are in California, mostly in and around Los Angeles, with a few exceptions, like the Arango Residence in Acapulco, the Turner House in Aspen, Colorado, the Harpel House No.2 in Anchorage, Alaska and the Ernest Lautner house in Pensacola, Florida. Lautner’s approach to architecture was to regard a building as a “total concept”. Likewise, his work abounds with essential geometric forms, the circle and the triangle being dominant motifs in his overall designs as well as his detailing. Similarly, his houses dwell on the idea of integrating the house into its setting and blending the indoor and outdoor spaces into a smooth seamless flow. A great many of Lautner’s houses were built on hillsides or seashores and designed to cash in on the sights these sites had to offer.

The living room features 16 foot ceilings with glass walls overlooking the city below. Designer highlights include a Balthaup stainless chef’s kitchen, a grand master bedroom complete with pool and pavilion and a three-bedroom guest house with office/media room. This luxury single family home has recently been completely restored and is awaiting its buyer.

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