LEGO House opens its doors to the public

A 12,000 square-meter construction, made entirely of LEGO pieces, known as LEGO House, was officially open, welcoming individuals of any age to take in more about the universal plastic block and practice their imagination and critical thinking abilities through play.

Situated on the organization’s principle grounds in Billund, Denmark, the building appears as a heap of 21 supersized squares, topped on the best with a scaled-up rendition of the 2×4 LEGO block, with sky facing windows situated inside its studs. Inside, the program is part into four experience zones, each shading facilitated to symbolize a part of play and learning: Red sections are for inventive aptitudes, blue for subjective abilities, green for social aptitudes and yellow for passionate abilities. Inside of the building, the visitors can also find three restaurants and a LEGO store.

“It has been a dream for me for many years to create a place that will give our visitors the ultimate LEGO experience. With LEGO House, we celebrate creativity and the strength of learning through play. When they play, children learn the basic skills that they need, such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities,” has declared the  CEO of LEGO, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.


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