Little girl can’t hold back her emotions when foster mom turns and says, “today’s your day”

As a child, there are things in life we never have to ask for. We just take them for granted. Whether we talk about food or a warm bed. But there are kids whose greatest wish is love. It’s also the case of this sweet little girl named Shailee. All she wanted was to have her own family.

She lived with her foster parents, but she knew she’ll find a family of her own in one day. Their foster parents even told her they’re planning to adopt her.

So, even if Shailee knew she was going to be adopted, she doesn’t knew when it’s going to happen. Anyway, when her parents find out news about the adoption, they decided to make a big surprise.

The impression was it was a normal day like any other. The parents picked  Shailee and her foster brother from school. And while their seated in the card, the mom turned on her camera and started recording.

Then, dad say that today is “the adoption.” When hearing that, the little girl with tears in her eyes, exclaims “Really? You’re lying!” Her mom assure her that it’s true, saying “Today’s your day.” In few moments Shailee goes ape. And you can read the happiness and excitement on her beautiful face.

Tears of joy and happiness are flowing on her face. She looks so relieved. She’s going to have her own family as she dreamed of.

Watch the heart melting scene in the video bellow!

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