Lonely husky escapes from his yard to go hug his best friend

If you ever thought that dogs don’t have feelings, just think again! Watching these two dogs hugging will definitely melt your heart.

Messy, the yellow lab lives with his fur dad, Oranit Kittragul, in Thailand. Not far away in the neighborhood, lives Audi a beautiful husky. And because his human is at work, Audi is spending his time alone almost all day long. And just as anyone who is in his situation, being alone makes Audi a little sad and anxious, and whenever he feels that his friend feels a little too alone, Messy barks at him and that somehow calms Audi.

One day, Audi’s dad forgot to secure the door when he leaved for work. So the that leaved the dog a rare opportunity to ran out and pay a visit to Messy for the very first time.

Thankfully, Oranit spotted the beautiful moment when the two dog finally meet each other and he took a photo of the adorable moment to share it on social media. And even if that was their first time seeing each other, face to face, their bond was as strong as they had been friends for a lifetime.

Despite he’s actually a very good boy, Audi knew  knew he wasn’t supposed to stay out of his yard for too long, and that’s why after saying hi to his friend, e quickly ran back home.

Source http://justsomething.co

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