Lost dog is so ecstatic when reunited with her family after 19 months

Losing a dog is so heartbreaking. You feel how there’s a big gap into your heart that’s never be filled again. And that’s because when you decide to have a dog, you know it will be part of your family, part of your heart.  Dogs are brightening your day, no matter what. They’re always putting a smile on your face regardless the circumstances.

Maggie, an adorable dog was missing for almost two years, after being lost on the streets. And her family never thought they’ve gonna find her. But when they were about to loose any glimmer of hope, their beloved dog was found.

Recently, a footage showing Maggie’s excitement when seeing her family again has made waves on the internet. The video, initially shared by The Dodo, show how scared the little dog was when she was brought on to a shelter. In fact, she was so frightened she wasn’t even able to recognize her owner.

Source: Youtube

After missing for 19 months, someone found Maggie on the street and  and bring her to Saginaw County Animal Care & Control. A shelter, who helped many other dogs to reunite with their fur parents in the past. Thankfully, the shelter’s staff was able to scan her microchip so they found out who her family is.

Initially, the dog didn’t recognize her owner and neither her daughters. Maybe because she was too scared or maybe she also lost her hope. But after few moments she smell them and in the next second she couldn’t control her enthusiasm. She reunited with the people who raised her and gave her their pure love. The moment was so touching as the owners and the staff couldn’t hide their tears.

Watch the video bellow to see this heart melting reunion, after 19 months!

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