Lovely footage shows dog sharing water with thirsty koala amid bushfire crisis

The situation in Australia is dramatic as the devastating blaze seems to be endless. So far, the effects in the country’s biodiversity are catastrophic and most likely irreversible. According to the latest reports, since September when the wildfires started, tens of millions of acres of land have been burned, thousands of people evacuated and over one billion animals perished.

Image credits: Danielle Stone/Facebook

With all those heart-breaking stories amid the catastrophic events, when a lovely footage like this airs is nothing but hope-giving. Recently a woman from Ashton, in Adelaide Hills, South Australia has managed to capture on camera a heart-warming scene. Her dog – Rusty, was sharing a drink of water with a thirsty koala.

Image credits: Danielle Stone/Facebook

Since Danielle Stone shared the lovely video on Facebook, it instantly went viral, stealing the hearts of millions of people. A kind soul – the pup is so pleased to greet his unlikely friend – Quasi as the family called the little one. “Rusty doesn’t mind sharing the water bowl at all,” the woman told 7News. “I think humans could learn a thing or two from this pair.”

Watch the lovely footage here:

Despite the duo know each other for some time, Danielle thought sharing their special friendship would bring some hope amid the Australia’s bushfire crisis. And we all think she did. “These two have known each other for several years,” the video caption reads. “Special when you see something like this which is natural and unstaged.”

A couple of weeks ago, a touching footage of a thirsty koala approaching a group of cyclists for some water made waves on social media!

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