Luxury estate in Greece

This wonderful home it’s located in the most important suburbs of Attica,in Ekali.The price of this luxury house is €14,000,000.The house is built on four levels and it boasts 6 bedrooms,10 full and 2 partial bathrooms.In this home you’ll never get bored.There is a great pool,there are magnificent gardens,gym,sauna,home cinema,billiard table.You can also have the possibility to take a Turkish bath.

Let me tell you few words about the Turkis baths.Someoane who’s having a Turkish bath inital relaxes in the warm room,which is warmed up by a continuous flow of hot,dried fresh air letting the bather to perspire widely.Bathers may then go on to a hotter room,just before slashing themselves with cold water.After a full body wash and an invigorating massage,the bathers will go in te cooling-room for the amount of pleasure and relaxation.

I think for a vacation this house is great.I’m sure that the rit of the Turkish bath convinced you to buy this house:)!


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