Luxury estate in San Francisco

Located in San Francisco,this luxury home is listed at $19,500,000.If fully deserve all this money,I will leave you to decide.Because the opinions are divided.But we all agree that the views deserve all the money,right?The luxury home is built in the Italian style,including little Venetian details,like the plaster,the beautiful stone and the wood finishes.The house comes with pier,a floating dock and a boat lift.This house has everything you want.Large rooms,a great terrace with fireplace and barbecue,the master is stunning,with great views of the bay,gym room and everything in this luxury home looks great.But in the same time,I don’t know what to say…yeah,it’s great,but let’s face it.It seems a little old style:)The chairs,the tables,the colors of the furniture,I don’t like it.But this it’s just my opinion.



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