Luxury home in California ~ Chiltern estate

Located in Hillsborough,California,this luxury home is listed for $43,888,000.Chiltern gather all the qualities that a home could have:elegance,style,sophistication,modernism.So…the entire house includes 5 bedrooms,3 separate apartments and a guest house.I think that this luxury home can be a museum,with all its historical elements.Gothic tracery,stone artifact carvings,1633 Jacobean panelling,15th Century Gothic doorways,17th Century panelling from the Dyffryn House in Wales and many other “little” details like these.This luxury home also have a modern part.You can control The light,the heating or the air conditioning through a computer.The house has a great media room,with an excellent sound system.It also includes a racquetball and squash court,tennis court,gym and whirlpool bath.Not to mention the gardens which are a delight!Do you have time to get bored in this house?:)What do you think?Would you like to live in a luxury home like this one?

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