Luxury Home in Lake Tahoe,Nevada ~ Tranquility


Tranquility luxury home price:$100,000,000 USD
Situated on the tax-free side of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe,Tranquility is ownes by Joel Horowitz,the co-founder of Tommy Hilfiger.He built the property from scratch.There is the place where harmony and elegance meet in the middle of the mountains.Tranquility is one of the most important luxury propertie in the world.
The centerpiece of the property is Lake Tranquility,a private lake,stocked with brown trout.(Would you like to have your own lake?:))The residence include 8 buildings:the main residence,the art studioconservatory,a gymnasium with basketball court,stable,16-car garage and other quarters for guest and staff.The hole property size is:38,000 sq.ft. long,it has 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.
Tranquility it has an amazing view of the mountains,that leaves you speechless.