Luxury house in Manhattan

The listing price of this luxury townhouse is $23,000,000.This home has 5,5-stories plus a basement.This luxury home is built very modern,with a classic,but impressive architecture.It boasts 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.The house has all possible facilities:elevator,air-conditioning and heating in every rooms,central vacuum,system for the purification of water,central stereo,fireplaces.I love the roof terrace,it’s nice and relaxing.From all the house,I like the most the kitchen.It’s so alive,so pratctical,the table is so great.I want a kitchen like this.Of course,where there is something you like,it must be something you don’t.So..I really don’t like the living-room-office or should I say the cow-room.That picture with a cow on the wall is really bizzare:) I mean,every time you head up of the chores you do at the office,you see a cow.Hm,how is that?:)Otherwise I love,it’s a lovely home in the heart of New York,Manhattan.

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