Luxury penthouse at Caine Road,Hong Kong

Good taste,style and art meet here in Central,Hong Kong Island.Lately refurbished and updated,the luxury apartment is a research in dramatic effect.The fine art receives a fresh deal in Caine Road,Hong Kong.This particular modern and contemporary look-and-feel of this home,wich has 2 bedrooms,is completed by a collection of modern art.Performed by Jean-Louis Arensman and Hanford Consultants,the place can be seen as modern day traces,regarded lights and olf-fashioned features.A black Baccarat crystal chandelier,plus a 17th century Burmese figurine,provide the elevate entrance hall in to a recently redesigned dwelling.Indeed,drama pervades the whole environment from the condo.Blond walnut wooden flooring from France add delicate warmth to the residence.

The kitchen is completed with a bar,all open into the spacious living room.In continuing of this,there is a corridor wich lead to the bedrooms,to the bathrooms and to the study area.The apartment includes parking.It’s not exacly in the chinese style,it has only few details of this inside.But it’s a very elegant apartment and I like it. will present you others luxury homes in the chinese style,but not in this post.Just follow us!:P

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