Man accidentally records humpback whales breaching in incredible feeding frenzy

It was nothing but a regular day for Brad Rich and his friend Tony Flanders, but suddenly, it turned into once in a lifetime experience for both of them.

Sea lovers, Brad and Tony were enjoying the dramatic landscape of the Alaskan coast while boating off the coast of Seward, when something caught their attention in the distance.

They knew it was humpback whales’ feeding season so they decided to get closer since none of them ever seen one of these majestic creatures. Dozens of seagulls were circling, so the two men knew there might be whales. Brad turned his camera on!

As you probably know, there is a very close “relationship” between marine mammals, as whales, and marine birds. The birds are taking advantage of the opportunities like this to feed themselves, too.

“Gulls such as herring or laughing gulls will take advantage of these large schools of fish conveniently located right at the surface because of the whale’s behavior,” Orleans Conservation Trust explains this symbioses. “[They] will often be seen whenever groups of whales are feeding, simply taking advantage of the fact that the whales’ feeding technique provides such an abundance of their favorite food.”

So when when Brad and Tony got close enough, they couldn’t believe their eyes they were witnesses to such a unique moment. Thankfully the heart-stopping moment was captured on camera. “Oh my God, they’re right in front of us!”Brad can be heard.

Watch the enormous mammals caught in an incredible feeding frenzy!

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