Kind man drives over 1,000 miles to reunite dog with terminally ill owner

A man’s kind gesture reunite a dying woman with his beloved dog. The nice guy travelled over 1,000 miles to make that happened. Only if we have more people like him in this world, imagine what a better place it would have be!

When this woman from Burnsville, Wisconsin, learned she only had a few months left, all she wanted was to live peacefully surrounded by her beloved dog and her very best friend. So she decided to relocate her and her dog at her friend’s house in Washington. Yet everything turned into an even worst nightmare, when she found out the airlines refused the dog as he has some respiratory problems.

Ryan Chukuske

Due to the circumstances, the poor woman had no choice but to leave her dog at the vet’s office. Here she got the promise, they’ll anything that’s necessary to reunite her with her pug-mix, Bailey. So the vet clinic immediately reached Spot’s Last Stop, a local rescue group and informed them about the situation.

Bailey had to be relocated to a foster family, for a a few days, until the rescue group would have figured out a way to take him to his mum. It is how the pug met Ryan Chukuske and his wife, from Shakopee – two very nice people who used to foster animals, usually dogs, for years. And these kindhearted couple have changed the course of the story with their selflessness.

Ryan Chukuske

“This is Bailey. His person is moving to Washington state to prepare for her journey into the next life,” Ryan wrote. “The airlines wouldn’t fly her dog so we’re off on a road trip to get this pup home to be with his mom. Be good to others. Journey on my friends!”

Ryan Chukuske

Ryan’s wife informed him about Bailey’s mom sad story and he had never been more touched. So without a second thought, he decided to drive over there and to reunite the dog with his heartbroken owner. Though it took nearly 27 hours and over 1,000 miles of driving, Ryan was happier than ever to see the pair reunited.

Ryan Chukuske

Even though he never met Bailey’s mum in person, Ryan said he was so happy to help, like he always been. “We just need to be good to one another,” he said. As about Bailey, the man added: “Bailey was the perfect travel companion. He sat in the passenger seat the whole time…I was joking, ‘if only he could read a map’.”

h.t: fox9

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