Man finds his dog on the street three years after went missing


As a dog owner I just can’t even imagine how devastating it must be to loose my beloved pup. Unfortunately, this is the sort of feeling this man in Tbilisi, Georgia has experienced.

Three years ago Giorgi Berejiani felt how his heart is ripping apart after his beloved four-legged companion, Jorge, went missing. Devastated, the man tried to search him everywhere. He even asked for help at the neighbors and at the local shelter, but without any success.

Days turned into months and months into years, and yet no sign of Jorge. However, the incredible bond between the pup and Giorgi never broke, therefore the desperate owner never gave up. He kept searching him with the hope that one day he will hug him again.

And after three long year, a phone call was about to change everything. “We searched for three years. Then we found him,” Giorgi told The Dodo.

A shop owner from the neighborhood called Giorgi and let him know that a dog which looks exactly like Jorge is laying there, in front of his shop. The owner couldn’t believe it, but nothing was sure, yet, so he quickly went there to check it for himself. And while he was getting closer to the spot, the supposed stray dog started to look more and more like Jorge.

When Giorgi calls the dog’s name, his reaction is hard to be described by words. Watch their so long waited, tear-jerking reunion, bellow!