Man pulls knife on woman in street, doesn’t realize stray pit bull is watching her back

In Baldwin, Georgia, an unnamed pit bull had been living quite an unhappy life. Although he had no name and no clear history, clues to his past were visible to those who looked. Like his badly bent back leg, or the large number of painful scars that covered most of his body.

One day, while the pit bull was roaming the local Baldwin streets, he came across a man and a woman having a heated argument. The stray dog watched the situation escalate, but when the man pulled out a knife, the dog immediately jumped in to protect the woman.

Although he may have saved the woman’s life, the dog was badly injured. And unfortunately, the woman had done nothing to help her protector, simply leaving him in the street.

This is how Sgt. Timothy Clay and Daniel Seeley discovered the animal, badly wounded in the middle of the street. And, although the situation looked dire, they knew they had to do their best to help as they did. They called a local veterinarian who was willing to re-open her clinic just to help the brave dog. And luckily, however, the poor dog was able to be stabilized and brought back to health.

After he was all fixed up, the dog was sent to Welch’s rescue in Tennesse. Ready for a new, better life, the dog even got a new name, Hero.

“This dog was meant to live,” Carla Welch of Fighting for the Bullys told The Dodo. “He is amazing. The poor thing has had a hellish life. His life changed from yesterday on.”

When this story broke the news, Hero was still up for adoption. Luckily, however, it didn’t take long for the world to see he was special, and he has now been adopted into a home of his own.

The officers who found Hero have told The Dodo, “[We] are extremely grateful to all of the people involved with helping save Hero’s life. Unfortunately, we see a lot of bad things, but it’s incidents like this that make you feel great about your job. “

Sara and David Simpson, of Tennessee decided to adopt Hero. “We are really blessed to be taking this baby and making him family,” Sara Simpson wrote in a Facebook post. “Adjustments are going well.”

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