Man slams brakes seeing collapsed fawn in road, nail-biting rescue as mom watches from woods

Fawns are some of the most adorable creatures. Mother deer start the breeding cycle in late fall, meaning whitetail deer fawns are generally born sometime between April and early July. Back in May of 2014, a man named Steve Knoop was driving down the road when he saw a baby fawn that clearly needed his help.

The baby was lying on the road. Its legs were splayed in every direction and its head was lying on the road. “It is breathing,” Steve says clearly surprised in the footage of the event. Judging from the splay of bright white dots on the animal’s fur, it isn’t more than a couple months old.

In the video, the men discuss what they should do. The baby is lying in the middle of the roadway and will probably be killed if it isn’t moved. At about 0:45 seconds through the video, Steve and his companion spot the fawn’s mother watching from the forest nearby. The men struggle to come to a decision. But, in the end, they realize they can’t leave the baby there alone. According to the video description, this is when a man named Paul takes action.

According to the Second Chance Wildlife Center (SCWC), it’s common for fawns to be found curled up in random areas, such as gardens, bushes, and roads. “Sometimes White-tailed fawns appear left behind when crossing roads as they are not as fast as their mothers and may not be used to the feeling of the pavement,” the SCWC website explains.

Many times, a fawn that appears to be abandoned hasn’t been abandoned at all. For this reason, you generally are advised to simply leave them alone. But, in cases like this, where the fawn is in the street, Steve and Paul’s actions are exactly right. As the SCWC recommends, you should simply help the fawn cross in the direction it was going.

Watch the incredible rescue bellow!

Source: animalchannel

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