Man rescues elderly dog and he stops and looks at him

Most elderly cats and dogs are sweet animals who love relaxing and hanging out with their favorite humans. These older animals are big fans of showering their owners with love and affection. Unfortunately, senior pets who are abandoned at animal shelters usually have the toughest time finding a new home. These older pups are often overlooked in favor of younger pets.

To encourage people to adopt older and special needs pets, PETA teamed up with the singer Yusuf Islam—formerly known as Cat Stevens. Fifty years ago, Islam released a song celebrating the bond between humans and their dogs called “I Love My Dog.” In honor of the song’s 50th anniversary, Islam gave PETA permission to use the song in a video that shows how wonderful adopting a senior pet can be.

The tearjerker video shows how a man’s life is changed when he adopts a senior dog from a shelter. From the first moment the two look at each other, it’s clear that they share a powerful bond.

The man takes the dog home from the shelter. The pup decides to take a look through the garbage can in his new home to see if there’s anything good inside. When his owner sees what the pup did, he doesn’t scold the dog. He just laughs and cleans up the mess.

The pup and his owner have a great time going on walks, learning tricks, and taking naps together. While the man and his dog bond, Yusuf Islam sings, “I love my dog as much as I love you. But you may fade, my dog will always come through.”

One day, the dog and his owner are out on their usual walk, and the dog sits down and looks at his owner. The owner knows that something is wrong. He brings his best buddy to the vet, where he learns that it’s time to say a heartbreaking goodbye.

The dog’s owner is devastated by his loss, but he has also learned how much joy a senior dog can bring into his life. So when he gets a flyer in the mail advertising another dog adoption event, he heads right over and goes to find a new dog in need to bring home.

This sweet video shows how great it is to adopt a senior pet. When you adopt a senior pet, you’re able to make the animals’ last few years truly special and wonderful. Grab some tissues and check out the beautiful video below!



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